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Instinct Aerospace Solutions Ltd. Is the Country Partner for BuildAir in Taiwan. We are seeking an established Taiwan company with an engineering background and preferably, strong business links to aerospace, defence, disaster relief, sports or exhibition/events sectors. Contact us for more details if you would like to be considered for this role.

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BuildAir is an engineering and textile architecture company specialized in the design and development of large scale inflatable structures, such as Airplane Hangars. In this field and with the continuous support of CIMNE, our customer requirements are analyzed, simulated and patterned to develop the right hangar or pneumatic facility.

The use of low pressure pneumatic technology in the aeronautic and space industries is quite habitual. The construction of an inflatable hangar for any aircraft is a very challenging task that requires enormous precision, experience and control. Every hangar must be carefully analyzed and designed to the specifications of the aircraft, the terrain, the logistics and every other parameter to be considered for that specific use.

BuildAir Ingeniera y Arquitectura, S.A. is privileged to have the council and support of one of the leading and most important organizations in the field of Mathematical Research and engineering in Europe, the CIMNE. It is through CIMNE that BuildAir is constantly updated in all the most important advances and innovations in pneumatic technology and composite materials for textile engineering.

Besides the inflatable hangars, BuildAir has the experience and the associates to undertake huge engineering mega-projects with pneumatic structures and other hybrid technologies that may need other expertise being it for their dimension, weather condition, space limits or innovation requirements. One illustrative example was the design of movable pneumatic hangars that enable a versatility like no other.