A balanced approach!

Frasers Marine is part of the Fraser Group, established 1885. As pioneers of International Trade and Trade Finance, we have developed an impresseive global sourcing network of suppliers in all industries. As well as the products we stock, we have sourced all kinds of products and materials on an 'as-needed' basis for our clients, examples of which can be found on our sourcing page.

Frasers Marine are the global distributors for The Nuvite Chemical Corporation and American Fiber & Finishing, as well as European distributors for Micro-Surface Finishing Products. Our product portfolio boasts an impressive range of products, providing complete aerospace and marine cleaning solutions.

Whether you're looking industry approved metal polishes for leading-edge cleaning, or eco-friendly 'no need for water' drywash products, liquid wetwash products, specialist interior shampoos and detergents, degreasers, 'galley' cleaners, or various cloth products for a specific purpose, we have the products and the know-how to assist you.


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