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American Fiber & Finishing, Inc. (AF&F) is the leading provider of light to medium weight woven industrial fabrics and the second largest US manufacturer of cotton balls. Their US manufacturing facility includes bleaching and starching operations. Their in-house knowledge of the manufacturing processes and their expertise in product R&D are the best in the business. They have the unmatched ability to provide custom offerings and the expertise to provide true problem-solving services, while at the same time be the low-cost (and sometimes only) source for the products we carry. Their unique abilities and product offerings make them the favorite source for the Aerospace Industry for many of the Industry is Critical (Class A) wiping products. Their Rymplecloth  crimped gauze wipers are the industry standard for a low lint Class A absorbent wiper. In addition to serving the Aerospace industry worldwide, AF&F provides products to other industries including Automotive, Bookbinding, Filtration, Health, Beauty, Home, Industrial Wiping & Cleaning, Textiles, and Food Processing.

Finished products include: Rymplecloth, Super Cloth, Aerotex, Bleached Gauze, Cheesecloth, Purewipe, Chemical Cloth Tack Cloth, Gauze Diapers, Crinoline, Tarlatan, and Text B starched greige cloth. Our fiber processing utilizes 100% natural cotton and synthetic fibers. Engineered low-lint 100% cotton gauze wipers, specifically designed for critical wiping applications are major specialized products of AF&F. Fiber products include Cotton Balls and Synthetic Fiber Balls. Non-woven Class A wipers, greige, bleached gauze and cheesecloth fabrics, Cosmetic Facial Pads, and knit wipers are some of the other products of AF&F.

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The Chemical Cloth Company's C-60 Tack Rags were launched back in 1967, in response to Boeing's need for a consistent quality product for use in preparing surfaces for finishing. Since passing Boeing's stringent quality control testing over 40 years ago, this product has been continuously specified on their QPLs to-date.

Tack Rags are cheesecloth pieces coated with a tacky substance that picks up dust, lint and metal shavings from surfaces to be painted. They work well on metal, composite and wood surfaces. Our tack rags are oversized (30 x 36) and folded to fit into 4 x 6 poly bags. They're individually wrapped and supplied in cases of 400, although we can supply less-than-case-quantities on request.

A combination of the high thread-count (20 x 16 as opposed to 20 x 12 as used in most other Tack Rags) and a unique epoxy resin coating, help to ensure that our soft and pliable Tack Rags are the superior choice available.



                  • Large size (30 x 36)
                  • Soft and pliable
                  • Conforms to D6-1816
                  • Oil and wax free
                  • Collects dust and contaminants extremely well
                  • AMS 3819 approved




Listed in Boeing Specs:

    • D6-1816
    • BAC5736
    • BAC5882
    • BAC5322
    • BAC5325
    • BAC5837
    • BAC5639
    • BAC5710
    • BAC5845
    • BAC5797
    • BAC5896