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Nuvite Chemical Compounds Corporation has been manufacturing innovative cleaning, polishing and appearance maintenance products since 1949, conforming to client based specifications and standards.

Nuvite Products are preferred by individuals and professionals who seek to save both cost and man hours through the use of high performing and effective materials which provide the most spectacular results.

Not only do Nuvite manufacture a large range of stock items to meet general industry-specific needs, they also provide specialty products for specific customer requirements, coupled with exceptional technical assistance for your specific needs and objectives.









American Fiber & Finishing, Inc. (AF&F) is the leading provider of light to medium weight wovenindustrialfabrics with unique abilities and product offerings that make them the favorite source for the Aerospace Industry for many of the Industry’s Critical (Class A) wiping products. Their Rymplecloth® crimped gauze wipers are the industry standard for a low lint Class A absorbent wiper.

AFF_3.jpgIn addition to serving the Aerospace industry worldwide, AF&F provides products to other industries including –  Automotive, Bookbinding, Filtration, Health, Beauty, Home, Industrial Wiping & Cleaning, Textiles, and Food Processing.

Finished products include: Rymplecloth®, Super Cloth®, Aerotex™, Bleached Gauze, Cheesecloth, Purewipe®, Chemical Cloth™ Tack Cloth,  Gauze Diapers,  Crinoline, Tarlatan, and Text B® starched greige cloth. Fiber processing utilizes 100% natural cotton and synthetic fibers. Engineered low-lint 100% cotton gauze wipers, specifically designed for critical wiping applications are major specialized products of AF&F.  



Wash_Wax_All_header_logo.pngWash Wax ALL was originally developed 25 years ago as an aircraft cleaner and protector, and is widely used by private, corporate, and commercial aircraft operators for all their aircraft cleaning and detailing needs. Wash Wax ALL has also been found to be excellent as a waterless wash and wax for detailing on aircraft, cars, trucks, trains, RVs, helicopters, boats, and watercraft.


Aero_Cosmetics_Range.jpgWash Wax ALL is a multi-surface cleaner and wax in one product. It can be used two ways; as a "waterless wash", by spraying it directly on the dirty surface, and then wiping it off; or it can be used as a "wax as you dry" product, where you spray the Wash Wax ALL on the wet surface as you dry the vehicle, after a hose and bucket washing.

Wash Wax ALL leaves an anti-static UV protective coating that repels dirt and moisture and meets Boeing Aircraft cleaning specifications D6-17487P, D6-7127M, and McDonnell Douglass CDS #1. 

Biodegradable and water-based, while both alcohol and ammonia free; Wash Wax ALL is safe to use on all surfaces that are safe to water, such as paint, plastic, chrome, aluminum, stainless, fiberglass, gel coat, leather, vinyl, rubber, glass, granite, and many more... 






Micro-Surface_Logo.jpgConventional sandpaper is designed to be aggressive so that it will dig deeply. In its manufacture the crystals are electrically charged so that they will stand up. They are locked into a hard resin and when you apply the paper to a surface it will literally tear in and remove the substrate of the material you are sanding. The crystals cut in a negative raking motion, leaving inconsistent scratch patterns. 



Micro-Mesh does the opposite. The backing is long lasting cloth to which an ultra-flexible cushioning layer is applied. On top of this layer we have a very resilient and flexible glue, instead of a hard resin. This allows each crystal to be held in place whilst also allowing it to move and rotate. When you start to apply pressure to sand with Micro-Mesh, the crystals sink into the cushioning layer whilst beginning to cut a bit. If you push harder they will sink further into the cushioning layer, serving as a safety valve.


To increase the depth of the cut, simply use a coarser grade of Micro-Mesh. Instead of the deep scratch that sandpaper makes,Micro-Mesh produces a refined scratch that is close to a RMS* of 1.0. The cushioning layer also allows the crystals to cut with a planing motion that leaves an extremely consistent scratch pattern and allows you to achieve extraordinary levels of gloss.

 *RMS is the 'Root Mean Square' of a surfaces measured microscopic peaks and valleys.

Where conventional abrasives will take surfaces down 2 or 3 thousandths (.002 or .003), Micro-Mesh will take it down one ten thousandth (.0001) or less, giving you ultimate and unrivalled control.





Bacoban for Aerospace is a powerful, state-of-the-art ready-for-use surfactant and cleaner providing long term effective protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi, employing true Nano technology manufacture. Upon application, existing Bacteria and viruses are destroyed within 5 minutes of application and it will continue to totally destroy all bacteria and viruses for up to 10 days thereafter. The product comes in an easy to use 500ml spray bottle.


Simply spray onto the surface, wipe off the excess and allow to dry for the protection to begin. Bacoban for 
Aerospace is being well-received by airlines, charter companies and many biz-jet operators, particularly where protection for rapid multiple passenger turnaround is required. Another main advantage of this very special product that its properties allow less frequent disinfectant cleaning of aircraft as Bacoban for Aerospace offers much longer lasting continuous protection than any other flight-approved product on the market today.


Bacoban for Aerospace establishes an ultrathin nano layer with a lasting effect. The technology used is a sol-gel process that develops a solid gel nano layer. The biocides used to kill germs and viruses are embedded in the porous structure of the sponge like solgel and are washed out again slowly when coming into contact with water (bacteria, enveloped viruses and fungi are always surrounded by water).

"Help in the fight to prevent the spread of Ebola and other diseases - protect your pasengers and aircraft now!"